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It’s A Boy!



A Trusted Guide

As the Mohel it is my job to guide you through the entire Brit Milah experience – before, during and after – so that you feel completely secure in the knowledge that your baby is in the best possible hands.


A Caring Heart

Before performing the Brit Milah, it’s important for me to ensure that the child is healthy and able to go through the procedure without any concern. Read More.

What is a Brit Milah

Literally Brit Milah means "The covenant of Circumcision," and is a joyous ceremony whereby the newborn male is welcomed into the ranks of the Jewish people.

The Origins Of Brit Milah

The origin of performing a Brit Milah is from the Torah in Genesis 17 where the Almighty promised Abraham that his descendants would have a special relationship with their Creator. Abraham circumcised his son Isaac when he was born on the eighth day and Jews have followed this practice ever since.

What Is A Mohel

The contemporary Mohel is trained in both Jewish tradition and operative techniques. He does his work in strict conformance with ancient laws set down in the Torah and represents millennia of Jewish experience to ensure your child is safe and comfortable throughout the ceremony.

The Brit Milah Ceremony

The mother hands the baby to the kvatterin (godmother), who brings the baby into the room where the Bris takes place. She gives the baby to the kvatter (godfather) who brings the baby to where the Bris will be performed. The honour of kvatter and kvatterin is bestowed on dear relatives or friends.

Afterwards the baby is handed to the Sandek who is seated next to the Chair of Elijah. The Sandek's role is very important for it is he who shows the baby love and care while the Bris is being performed. He holds the baby on his lap and cuddles him close while the Mohel performs the ceremony. Traditionally, the baby's grandfather is Sandek as it is one of the greatest honours given to a person at the Bris.

The Mohel recites a blessing immediately prior to the Bris. While he is performing the procedure the baby's father recites a blessing. Family, friends, and guests respond with the blessing of "Just as he entered into the Covenant, so may he enter into a life of Torah, a happy marriage, and a lifetime of good deeds."

A cup of wine is poured, a prayer is said, and the baby is given his Hebrew name. A few drops of wine are placed on his tongue to symbolize the wish that the baby should have a sweet life. After the Brit Milah. The surgery usually heals uneventfully within a short period of time. The Mohel advises the parents on how to care for and comfort the child during this period.

Book A Bris

If you have any questions or would like to book a Bris simply fill in our contact form. Usually, a Bris is performed on the eighth day from the child’s birth (counting the day of the birth) so I make sure to try and respond to any requests within a few hours.

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